DesigningWell has been designing and managing the construction of residential projects in the Bay Area for 15 years.  A well designed home meets the multitudes of needs your family places on it with ease and flexibility.

Most families come to a designer when their home is not meeting the needs of the family: there are not enough bedrooms, the kitchen just doesn’t work, the living space seems choppy or disjointed, there is no room to sew, set up a home office, keep the children’s play area or host Thanksgiving dinner.

The most fulfilling moments for Shira are the descriptions from clients of space unused, underutilized or used with great effort that are transformed into ‘favorite spaces’, spaces in which everything seems to have its place, everything is accessible and effortless.

Each family has a unique set of uses for their home.  DesigningWell believes that residential design should be a reaction to the function of the home.  If you do not cook at home, the gourmet kitchen which will ‘increase the value of your home’ is not actually an effective use of space or funds. 

The true value of your home is its ‘fit’ with your lifestyle.  A well designed home can be easily transformed when a new owner comes along.  DesigningWell’s editing eye can show you how design simplicity can allow you to increase your home’s value while meeting the needs of your family’s daily life.

A successful residential building project is the result of coordination between owner, designer, and contractor. DesigningWell’s experience navigating the design, permit and construction processes is invaluable.

We look forward to serving you in your transformation.













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